Along with running the core activity of the real estate sector which is Project development, we see the projects as a whole. We include supporting services and operations such as Facility Management, Property Management, and the development of Real-estate-based investment products. All these latter services & operations are strategically adopted to maintain the property`s market value in the long run.


Being involved in each step of the real estate project development process gives us the advantage of being in control of the overall profitability of the project. Besides, we are able to engineer the optimum area planning and price policy in order to maximize real estate investors' returns.


Invescore Property has designed a unique real estate asset management program that encompasses day-to-day property management functions as well as a broader, more strategic approach to create higher value for our stakeholders. We oversee the implementation and delivery of overall asset performance by focusing on strategies to maximize the property`s lifetime return for both our institutional and individual investors. 

Key functions of our Real Estate Asset Management operations include:

Sector research & Analysis


Project Acquisition & Development


Project Management & Consulting

Tax consultancy

Real Estate Portfolio Building


Real Estate Investment Products


Legal consultancy




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Property management service provided by Invescore Property focuses on the project`s day-to-day operations and effective utilization of the inventory which are the main factor in increasing the property`s market value in the secondary market in the long run. Key functions of our Property Management service include:


Tenant relationship

As a Property management service provider, we mainly provide value to our investors by solely handling tenant relationships. The process includes property marketing, tenant screening, lease administrating rent collecting, and submitting financial reports. 

Lease marketing & Rental sales

Lease administrating & negotiating

Tenant services & Concierge desk


Accounting & Reporting

We act on the owners` behalf in collecting rental payments and deducting necessary fees & payments to utility service providers so that reducing the hassles of being a property owner. The owner will only be receiving NET RENTAL INCOME periodically without having to deal with the tenants directly.

Rental collection

Utility payment handling

Owner`s accounting & Reporting


Property protection

One of the major risks of being a property owner is the property itself being damaged resulting in lower market value. We mitigate these risks by constantly being covered by Property insurance in cases of major events and keeping a property maintenance reserve fund which will be collected over time and be used for periodic major repair works.

Property Insurance coverage

Maintenance reserve fund keeping



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By keeping the building`s infrastructure well-maintained, we enhance building performance and presentation throughout the project`s lifecycle and elongate the project's lifespan.
Key functions of our Facility Management service include:

Safety & Presentation

Our on-site team will ensure the safety and comfortability of the building while maintaining the property's normal infrastructural performance.

CCTV & Access control

Landscaping & Irrigation works

Sanitization & Pest control


Engineering & Civil works

Regular and called-for inspections and check-ups are crucial to maintaining readiness in case of disaster control or emergency situations.

Regular inspections & daily check-ups

Annual, semi-annual engineering repairs and services



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Along with developing our self initiated projects, we do work with external parties in different areas of real estate asset management.

Whether your project needed Funding, Capital investing or operational collaborations in Sales & Marketing, please send us your contact information and proposal through below form: